Only 1 GoPiGo Board LED Lights

I just finished the assembly of my GoPiGo robot and when I powered it up. Only 1 LED light up on the GoPiGo Board. Do you know why?

Is this the power led on the GoPiGo board? That’s the only one that turns on automatically on startup. Are you trying to turn the two LED’s up front on and off?

Hi, John.
I’ve got my Gopigo2 up and running around okay. I was wondering if there’s a way I can attach a couple of LEDs to it. Are there any instructions for doing that anywhere? I imagine I could add Python script to make them blink etc. What type would I need?
Also, There is a white plug on each side at the front of the red board on the Gopigo. The sensor unit is plugged into the left front one and works fine. I have attached it to the servo which is also working. What can be plugged into the other white one at the front? What would this plug input be called in a python program so I could use it? Can LEDS, another servo for a camera, or a second sensor be plugged in here?
Is there any documentation about what all the other inputs and pins on the pi, pi2 and the red board can be used for and how to use them? I’d like to experiment a bit.


My concern is the two LEDs in the front. When powering up the robot, I am expecting both to light up, not just one.

wlasticly, the two LED’s on the front of the GoPiGo do not turn on on startup. They can be turned on though when you tell the GoPiGo to turn them on. This is done in the software with a program like this:

or this example:

Humanoid, you can add Grove LED’s to the GoPiGo. You can find them here:

@humanoid: Here is the python program to turn control the LED’s connected to the Grove ports if you are interested in trying them out: