OpenCV Data not installed to Raspbian For Robots

Attempting Face Recognition using OpenCV 3.4.4, python3 and cascade classifier:

For some reason my variable points to ‘/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/cv2/data/’, but that location only has and pycache folder (which only has init.cpython-35.pyc in it).

This is how I installed OpenCV on my RaspberryPi Raspbian(forRobots) Stretch version:

sudo apt-get install libhdf5-dev libhdf5-serial-dev libhdf5-100
sudo apt-get install libqtgui4 libqtwebkit4 libqt4-test python3-pyqt5
sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev
sudo apt-get install libjasper-dev
sudo python3
sudo pip install opencv-contrib-python

Q: I managed to get the data, but I would like to know what I could have done to have it installed where it thinks it is.

Edit: I submitted issue with PiWheels: opencv-contrib-python 3.4.4 did not install opencv/data/ - (e.g. cascade detectors)

ps. this is what I did to get the data folder:

cd ~/Carl/Examples/OpenCV/
unzip *.zip

Data is in ~/Carl/Examples/OpenCV/opencv-3.4.4/data