Opinion on grovepi Zero and where to buy grovepi-zero for Europe?

1º) I think it is a great choice for a rpi zero W (with WIFI), by adding to it a 3G dongle in order to send CSV data to the cloud

2º) it has 3 analog and 2 digital ports… it should have the opposite, since most of grovepi accesories are digital rather than analog!!!

3º) the serial port should go for the RTC sensor as a must to I guess, is that serial port like L2C?

many websites are running out of this product… which web do you recommend for Europe?

Thanks in advance

Hi @annlee,

Well, the only place you can get the GrovePi/GrovePi-Zero is from Seeed:

There may be other offers on ebay.co.uk or amazon.co.uk or other regional shops, but none of them do it officially.

Also, depending on how complex the digital accessories are, you could just use the analog port as a digital one. You can do this by applying a binary threshold filter.

the serial port should go for the RTC sensor as a must to I guess, is that serial port like L2C?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that. First of all, the GrovePi Zero has a RPISER port, which is basically the serial port of the Raspberry Pi (port /dev/ttyS0 or originally /dev/ttyAMA0). And I suppose you meant to say the I2C port and not L2C. In this case, I would suggest you read this really cool tutorial - it’s filled with information:

Thank you!

Thanks bro,

do you see this system possible with a rpi zero W?

what can I add to RPISER port?

is there any way to record audio (for being processed by a software)?


I know these are many questions, you are doing a great job man

Hi @annlee,

Thanks for that.

So, to get things started, you could attach to the RPISER port any device that communicates over serial. One example of such a device is the GPS sensor that we also support on ours.

Our library for this thing can be found on our repo:

Which by the way, I notice you also want to have an RTC. Depending on your application, you might include a GPS which already reports the current time depending on your location - that’s a basic functionality of the GPS. To report the time, you first need to get a fix on the satellites.

And I don’t see why this won’t work with an RPI Zero W. @JohnC, do you have anything to object about this?

Thank you!

nice suggestion the GPS, although some 4G dongles include GPS and can get time from online, I may go for this development

I dream on a grovepi integrating 3G and a RTC (with batt), then we would have a real tiny/cheap IoT device :=)

Hi @annlee,

Well, it depends on your setup as always.

By the way, if you go the 4G/3G route, you gotta make sure you have driver support for it on the Raspberry Pi. Thinking about it, you can also have a look at this article I wrote here (I already experimented with 4G access on mine):


wow u seem all a Mc Giver :slight_smile: I will go for a Huawai 3372 since a guy in rpi forums tested so many dongles and said this was the most stable and working perfect for long =)

Hi @annlee,

Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: The Huawei 3372 also seems like a very good choice - in my case I wanted something that could actually stack on the Raspberry Pi and thus be “compliant” with whatever else I wanted to add onto it.

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions.

Thank you!

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