Order of pins in analogue grove connector for ultrasonic sensor

I can’t seem to find a grove cable here in Sweden and postage and customs would make it crazy to order it from abroad.

I wonder if someone knows what pin on the ultrasonic sensor goes onto what pin in the analogue grove connector on the GoPiGo, perhaps counted from right on the upper grove connector, making the rightmost pin 1 and so on up to 4.

The sensor has pins labeled vcc, trig, echo and gnd.

I tried to figure it out from the photos on the site, looking at the colors of the different cables, but that didn’t work. Hopefully I didn’t fry anything in the process. Everything else still works at least.

Would much appreciate any help.

All the best,

The officialy Grove Ulreasonic ranger that we use has the pinout like GND,VCC,NC and SIG. So there is only pin to which the signal is coming out and the other is not connected. You can see more about connecting it here: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_Ultrasonic_Ranger .