Order Status

Hey everyone,

Do you guys know how long it takes for a product to change from processing to shipping? I ordered a GoPiGo starter kit several days ago and it still says processing. What is frustrating is that on the order confirmation email, it says that the estimated delivery would be Feb 9 - 10, and I really need it soon. I’ve already sent two emails to Dexter these past few days, but I still have not received any response.


Hey Rich, I think I see your ticket in our ticketing system. I also see you tried to contact us on Monday. Amber handles these requests and she usually turns it around in a 24 hour period. We’re a small company, so please bear with us.

Thanks, John

I also have an order in for a GoPiGo starter kit. Can you give an update of when these are back in stock?

Bob Fountain

I’ve sent four emails and I’ve only received one reply. Something is seriously wrong because I haven’t received any other updates.

Hi Richard, it looks like Amber replied back on Wednesday. I’ll check on why we’re getting back so slowly. The issue is, as she said in her support e-mail back to you, that the SD Cards are on backorder with our shipper and we’re working as fast as we can to get your order out.

Bob3280, have you submitted a ticket on our system? As you can see, we’re backordered on one item, the SD Cards. We’ve been trying to work with folks to get them shipping. http://dexterindustries.com/contact