Overseas shipping to Moscow Russia?




I am looking at the possibility of ordering additional sensors, brackets, other interesting stuff and maybe a couple of giggle-bots.

As far as I know, you folks are based in the US. It is also true that Russia isn’t the most politically popular place right now.

Since the US government places export restrictions on certain advanced technologies, and getting Customs clearances can be a pain:

  • To what extent, if at all, do you / can you ship internationally?
  • What information do you need to estimate shipping charges to Moscow Russia. Obviously, if the shipping cost is a significant fraction of the entire price, it’s not worth it.


Jim “JR”


Hi @jimrh,

Yeah we’re based in the US, although we sell to many other countries too. Still, Russia isn’t America’s best friend for now, so customs can be a pain (not sure to what extent though).

In a worst case scenario, we could have a way to ship you things from within Europe (EU) to Moscow and theoretically that shouldn’t be too hard. I haven’t looked at all the pesky details so we don’t know what this might imply.

We’ll look over this and come back with an answer.

Thank you!


@jimrh We have shipped to Russia in the past. Customs can slow things down quite a bit, but I don’t believe that we have had anything refused.

To work on an estimate for you, we would need to know what products/quantities you would like as well as a shipping address. Feel free to send me a direct message in the Forum or email me at chris@dexterindustries.com so that we are not posting your personal info for everyone to see,

You may also want to check ModMyPi in the UK. They carry the majority of our products and the shipping should be less expensive.