Packages needed to run GOPIGO


i have been using my own SD card with RPi for a while now. Hence, there is a lot of customisation done to it and i dont want to lose it.

  1. Is there a way to install the packages onto my SD card without formatting and copying the .img file from dex industries?
    if yes,
  2. What files are needed?
  3. Where to find them?
  4. Any instructions pages?

Hi ventin75,
You should first update the packages on your image using: sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade. Once this is done follow the step in Option 3 here: and you can use the script to install the GoPiGo on your own image.

Hi Ventin75

You can take a look at option 3 here:

It has all the instructions you need to install the software.

Please note that the tutorials on the Dexter Industries site assume you are using Raspbian for Robots. If you use your own card, then http://dex.local won’t work for you. But since you already have experience with the RPi, it shouldn’t be an issue for you.


ok thanks. let me try.