Pan-and-Tilt Camera


I’m looking into buying the kit as it looks really cool so far and I think it’s perfect for a beginner like me.

For my project, I intended to have the camera be able to both pan and tilt, which I believe would require at least 2 servos for control. The Servo Package appears to only have one servos, so it can only pan.

How much effort would it require to add a second servos and be able to hook it up to the GoPiGo board? Is there enough power / slots for me to control two at the same time?

Also, as I reside in Canada, does anywhere within the country sell the Servo Package? I checked Robotshop’s Canada store but I cannot seem to find it.

Hey Leslie, it sounds like a cool project! You will need to cut some custom design to make this happen as the GPG camera only pans. As for the second servo, youmight try using a Grove servo, or connecting to the grove ports on the GPG. You would need to write some custom firmware for the GoPiGo though, how comfortable are you with Arduino?

I don’t think we have any distributors in Canada. We do ship there though.

Thank you for the response!

So, on the GoPiGo board, there are enough ports to attach a second servo? When I look at the board, I only see one servo header:

I haven’t done programming on an Arduino before, but I’ve done programming across all spectrums before. So long as there’s sufficient documentation and examples, I believe I can pick it up.

Would you happen to know if there are import fees if I need to buy anything from your store that I can not find locally?

Hey Leslie, There is only one traditional 3-pin servo port on the GoPiGo. However, Seeed sell a 4-pin servo ( If you wanted to use this, you would need to modify the GoPiGo firmware a bit to accomdate a servo. Karan would be the expert on tis, let me see if I can get him in here to see if there’s an easy way to get the code rolling.