Per Port Power Switched USB Hub - It Exists!

Finally someone heard my wishing - a way to turn the juice off to power hungry robot sensors (not just for Pi4):

Potential Uses:

  • ROS robots - Extend battery life by totally shutting off power to LIDAR
    The YDLIDAR X4 draws 2W (172mA at 11.7v) when not in use,
    stealing up to four hours of run time.
  • Backup WiFi Adapter - Sometimes the on-board WiFi of a Raspberry Pi will lose connectivity.
    Having a USB WiFi Adapter plugged in and powered all the time uses roughly 0.5W
    stealing up to 1.3 hours of run time - should be powered off until needed.
  • Some USB powered audio speakers draw 0.5W just sitting there quietly waiting to be used,
    resulting in the loss of up to 1.3 hours of robot run time.

I have to admit that while I was opining for just such a device for quite a long time, I will not be rushing to add this additional complexity to either my 24/7 robot Carl, nor my “as needed” 5 hours at a time robot Dave.


. . . and you will notice it is exactly what I predicted it would be. . .

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