Pi 2 B and Arduino Uno Shields

I was using an arduino for a project, but it was slow and horrible, so Ive upgraded to a Pi, which is much better. When I put the Arduberry on top of the Raspberry Pi’s pins, does it matter which ones I use? Also is this going to work with Arduino uno shields? I don’t want to have to buy more things. Thanks.

Hey BlueSpud,
The Arduberry uses specific pins on the Raspberry Pi pin-out for uploading the code to it. these pins are the SPI pins on the Raspberry Pi. The Arduberry can also communicate with the Pi via I2C and serial but these are optional.

Most of the Uno shields do work with the Arduberry and we have only seen a few problems with shields which use SPI. Everything else should work. If you have something specific in mind, do share the link. We’ll have a look at it and let you know if it work.