Pi 2 wifi with GoPiGo3



Am a GoPiGo newby, with my 8 yr old daughter.

We have an original Raspberry Pi brand USB wifi dongle - will this work with my GoPiGo3 car, or do I have to buy a DexterIndustries brand USB wifi dongle?

When we try to boot the GoPiGo 3 we get the solid green light however the robot’s blue antenna LED never blinks. Is there something we can do to get wifi going with our current dongle?

thanks so much
Myles and Phoebe


Hello @mylesogilvie
DexterOS will only work with the Dexter dongle, or the wifi that is found on a Pi3.

However, you could choose to go with Raspbian, and install the GoPiGo robot libraries. Your daughter would be able to program the robot with Scratch but Bloxter would not be available.
Or you could get a Pi3 - which would be quite a bit faster than the one you have. The Pi3 would be quite an improvement, over the original Pi, and even over the Pi2.



Cleo thanks. It being half term I have finally managed to return to this project with my daughter. Using Raspian and installing libraries seemed too complicated for us, I do not even know how to plug ethernet into my MacBook air. So I bought a Dexter mini wifi dongle and hoped that would fix the problem. However when we started up yesterday it sill didn’t work. Can you confirm does the Dexter mini wifi dongle work with this setup? If not, how do I buy a Dexter dongle that does work - they are not for sale anywhere. Will buy a Pi3 if that is the ONLY answer but it didn’t sound like it from your response. thanks
Myles (please ignore my other post - same issue)


Hi Myles,

You don’t need a Pi3 to connect to DexterOS via WiFi if you’ve already got a Dexter Industries WiFi dongle. Can you tell us where you bought that dongle? Because we no longer sell these devices.

Also, depending on what version of DexterOS you’re running, you may need to update the image to the latest - that is, burn a new image on it. You can find all the instructions on the following page:

Just pay attention to the instructions and you should be good to go.

If it it’s still doesn’t work after you burn a new image, then I’m wondering if it’s the dongle itself - if somehow, it’s not the actual Dexter Industries we have made it compatible for.

Thank you!