Pi 2 wifi with GoPiGo3


Am a GoPiGo newby, with my 8 yr old daughter.

We have an original Raspberry Pi brand USB wifi dongle - will this work with my GoPiGo3 car, or do I have to buy a DexterIndustries brand USB wifi dongle?

When we try to boot the GoPiGo 3 we get the solid green light however the robot’s blue antenna LED never blinks. Is there something we can do to get wifi going with our current dongle?

thanks so much
Myles and Phoebe


Hello @mylesogilvie
DexterOS will only work with the Dexter dongle, or the wifi that is found on a Pi3.

However, you could choose to go with Raspbian, and install the GoPiGo robot libraries. Your daughter would be able to program the robot with Scratch but Bloxter would not be available.
Or you could get a Pi3 - which would be quite a bit faster than the one you have. The Pi3 would be quite an improvement, over the original Pi, and even over the Pi2.