Pi A+

Just assembled my GoPiGo with a Pi A+. One issue I had was the power socket on the Pi fouls the white power connector on the GoPiGo board and prevents the Pi from sitting parallel to the GoPiGo board.
There is a good enough connection between the Pi and the GoPiGo board to feel quite solid on the gpio pins, however you may wish to consider changing the power connector (maybe one that connects at right angles) to enable modern Pis to seat down really well.
I would expect the model B+ to also have this issue as it is the same configuration as the A+ at that end of the pcb.

Thanks gofigure. Indeed, the Pi can sit cocked on the GoPiGo. You say it “fouls”, can you describe that? What do you mean by it fouls?



Hi John

When I said it fouls I just meant that the two power connectors come into contact with each other and prevent the Pi seating down parallel to the GoPiGo board. As you say the Pi seems to be happy to sit ‘cocked’ on the GoPiGo so I guess it isn’t a problem.

best regards


Ok, thanks for the clarification Patrick! I was afraid it might be cutting up a wire or something. Glad to hear it’s not.