Pi Day! Help with motor speed and increase/decrease

Hello all,

Pi Day went pretty well here in St. Louis. Lots of hands-on time with kids, and that’s the point. See here:

One question that came up was this: Why does the bot move so slowly? And why does the basic control speed increase and decrease not change the speed?

We have 2 GoPiGos in the pictures above: one with the B+, and one with the Pi2. Same speed issues on both. All the websites and instructions about building, updating, and programming were followed, which were perfect (thank you)! But not sure how to troubleshoot this.

Thank you!


Okay as usual, we figured it out. The bot is really fast now. We were using a 5v battery sours. I know, your face is in Palm. But who woulda known that 12 volts gives more power than 5v?

Ian, thaks for all this!

Just to be clear though, were you running the Pi off the USB? Maybe we can come up with a way for future versions to make sure that it’s more clear you really need to use the 8XAA battery adapter.

Thanks Ian!