Pi4 setup for USB-C data and peripheral power with GoPiGo3 power

Wondering if anyone has tested setting up the RPi4 USB-C connector for data and power out?

I read that the RPi4 does not have “USB-C power delivery” logic but can be configured to do both USB-C data transfer, and supply 5v through the connector.

What current can it deliver 5v at while doing data transfer?

Do you configure it in raspi-config or have to manually add to the config.txt


(The data transfer is only USB 2.0 speed. For better throughput connect to the USB-3 connector of the Pi4.)


For those of us who are interested, here’s the relevant section of the schematic:

Without better information, I wouldn’t pull any more than minimal current, (i.e.  keyboard, mouse, flash-drive.)

I know it can sink several amps, but the converse is not always true.  (ie  Just because the circuit can accept 3 amps, doesn’t mean that the same circuitry can safely provide 3 amps.)  So I’d be really careful about the current I pull from that connector.

I do not remember seeing anything about USB-C in raspi-config. (Maybe they’ve updated it recently?)

Absent a setting in raspi-config, the dtoverlay spec might do it.

@cyclicalobsessive, do you have links to better or more complete information?

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This is where I found a discussion of configuring it: