Pin mapping for GrovePI on Artik 530/710




I would like to use Grove PI+ on Artik 530/710 platform. There is a reference/support on Eagleye 530 at : However, I don’t quite well understand the pin mapping from that. for e.g. if a LED is connected to D3 GrovePI+ board, and would like to map it to GPIO0 on Artik board, how should I do? Where can I find the mapping for this?



Hi @bindu,

I’m not sure if I’m fully following this.

One thing I can answer on the spot is about the pin mappings of the GrovePi. You can have a look over this topic here that goes through the pin mappings of it:

Let me know if you were referring to something else.

Thank you!


Hi @Robert,

Thanks for the input. I went through the link provided and it is quite informative.
I am clear on Grove-Raspberry PI communication explanation. However, Grove Port to board Pin mapping is not clear to me i.e. how Port A0 on Grove map to a particular GPIO on Raspberry PI.
For instance, looking at the pinmapping @ and an example @, I am unable to understand on how should I map GPIOs available on Artik, though when I program I could still call AnalogRead(0) when a sensor is connected to Port A0.


Hi @bindu,

Well, to put it simply, both the GrovePi and the Artik boards communicate over I2C. The process of setting something on the Artik board goes like this:

  1. Issue command to read sensor from the GrovePi over I2C.

  2. Read command from the GrovePi over I2C.

  3. Save value in some generic variable.

  4. Issue command and write the saved value to some output port on the Artik board.

What I’m not sure about this, is why Artik board is necessary for this scenario? By the look of it and depending on your application, you could all do it with a single GrovePi.

Thank you!


Hi @RobertLucian,

Thanks for the info.
To set the context, we have to support our software on various platforms, and Artik is one of them. At present, the activity of integrating with GrovePI is for demonstration. So, I am developing a service/module to use GrovePI with the Sensors that can then be used by other services/modules.

So, here my question is:
Using GrovePI, to read from A0, all we set it AnalogRead(0) independent of the platform. Though the mechanism is clear to me (i2c) as you have explained above, I wonder how this maps to a particular pin on RaspberryPI/Artik etc. Am i missing something here? I am looking for the pin mappings on this in particular.

Hope I have explained the scenario and question better this time.



Hi @bindu,

What I understand is that you want to have a platform-agnostic tool/program to read or write to sensors/devices - very much the same way you would do it with a GrovePi. I get that.

Now, I don’t see what’s the correlation between these platforms (that are GrovePi-like) and the actual pins on the Raspberry Pi. There’s no relationship between the GPIO pins of the RaspberryPi and those on the GrovePi - that’s why the GrovePi exists so that the pins of the RPi get “bypassed” by something that can actuate/sense in an Arduino-like manner, something that the RPi isn’t capable of.

Or are you asking us what pins the GrovePi uses to communicate with the Raspberry Pi?

Thank you!


Hi @RobertLucian,

Yes, exactly. I am looking for ‘the pins the GrovePi uses to communicate with the Raspberry Pi’.
I have tested using the GrovePI+ with Eagleye 530s and RaspberryPI. Would like to understand the pins used by GrovePi to communicate with these boards.



Hi @bindu,

Here’s a screenshot of the GrovePi’s header ports:

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Thank you!