Pin numbers for sensors

I have raspberry pi and grovepi+ connected to the gopigo. I connected the grovepi+ to gopigo using the grove cable. I have 2 ultrasonic sensors connected to grovepi and 1 on the gopigo. How do you figure out the pin number for all of my sensors?

Hi @cubloxia,

For the sensors connected to GrovePi, you can refer to the Pin diagram here to find out the Pin number corresponding to the Port to which you have connected the Ultrasonic sensor.

Note: Each port will have two pins connected to it, the Ultrasonic sensor will be using only one of the pins.For example if you are connecting the sensor to Port D3, it has two pins 3 and 4, you will have to use Pin number 3 which is the default pin that is connected to D3, similarly for D2 it is Pin 2 and for analog Ports A0 it is 14, A1 it is 15 and so on.

For the sensor connected to GoPiGo, if it is connected to the Analog Port A1 then the Pin number is 15 and if it is connected to Digital Port D11 then the Pin number is 10.

Please let us know if this helps,