Pin numbers on GrovePi Atmel for A0 and A1

I physically have verified that A0 goes to Atmel pin 23 and A1 goes to pin 24…Can someone explain why in the python code it shows A0 going to pin 14 and A1 going to pin 15? …And yes 14 and 15 work but I can’t seem to understand the logic


I do not know the answer to your question, but I believe the answer lies in the register layout on the ATSAMC20 chip. That 14 is appended to an “analog_read_cmd” (3) for an I2C request sent to the ATSAMC20 chip to spit out the value of the PA00 analog-to-digital register. The ATMEL 900 page datasheet is way complicated…

Perhaps the “pin” parameter should have been labeled “reg”

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My board has an Atmel328P…and yes I am betting it is somewhere in the configuration of I/O deep inside the datasheet…