Where can I find complete pinouts for the GoPiGo? In particular, I need the pinout for the Analog input.


There is only one analog port available for custom sensors which is A1. Have a look at this for further details: .


Thank you. I actually sent those layouts to someone trying to help me out in this thread on adafruit because i’m trying to figure out what kind of cords I need to solder on to an ultrasonic sensor to get it to work on the GoPiGo and he said he still needed the pinouts to give me an answer.

I think what you exactly need is the pinout for the cable. The cable is a 4 wire cable and the pinout is (GND,+5V,SIG,SIG) for (Black,Red,White,Yellow). On the analog port, both the white and the yellow are connected to A1.

Hope this helps.