PIR Motion Sensor question

I am interested in getting the PIR Motion Sensor for my son’s science project, but I’m confused about how you adjust/control its detection range and holding time.

At this wiki page, it shows the sensor module including two potentiometers for adjusting the detecting range and holding time: http://wiki.openpicus.com/index.php/GROVE_-_PIR_Motion_Sensor

But, the picture of the sensor on Dexter’s site, and on Amazon, does not show those potentiometers.

How does one adjust the detecting range and holding time without the potentiometers? Or, where can I get the version of the sensor module that includes the potentiometers?


Hey Steve, I think the openpicus picture and hardware is dated. Seeed does not sell these any more. The latest version, which we sell, does not have these adjustment knobs.

Best, John

Thanks for the reply, John. So, is there no way to adjust the detecting range then?

Hey Steveemert, not that i know of. Let me ping Karan, he may have a better idea.