piScreen not working with gopigo3?

Hi All,

I am not a hardware person, so maybe what I try to do is not even possible. But hopefully someone can help me.

I have the raspbian for robots running using python. Everything works fine.
I would like to interact with the outside world using wxPython, based on the distance reader, so I got a piscreen (http://ozzmaker.com/piscreen-quick-start-guide/)
This screen connects to GPIO pins.

I can get the screen to work. However:

  1. If I connect the screen, and I try to run the python code, it throws an error it cannot find the easygopigo3 module.

I found this a surprising error. Solved this by copying the files directly into the same directory of my python program

  1. After doing this, the program says the GOPIGO is not detected. And I also get my favorite “No SPI response. GoPiGo3 with address 8 not connected” error. Flashed the hardware and reinstalled the software: no improvements…

  2. Removing the screen makes everything work again robotwise.

With my limited technical knowledge my guess is that they both using the SPI pins? Is there a workaround for this?



The GPG3 and that piscreen do indeed both use the SPI pins. There are additional GPIO pin conflicts as well. According to the list of available GPIOs, it would seem GPIOs 7, 9, 10, 11, 22, 24, and 25 are used by both the GPG3 and the piscreen.