Pivot Pi not working



So i just got my PivotPi in the mail today and when i go to program the PivotPi in python it doesnt work. When i type run the script it states there is no module named PIvotPi, I believe i have downloaded everything properly. I do not want to use Raspbian for Robots so please refrain from sending me there. On the PivotPi board all 8 servo LED’s are on and the battery LED is also on but not power LED, now i know that has nothing to do with my first question, but is this also an issue.


Hi @nexuscustoms15,

Can you show us the steps you have followed for getting the PivotPi installed?

Just so you know, in order to have the PivotPi installed, you need to run the following command:

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_pivotpi | sudo bash

In just a few days, we’ll change that to (we’re doing a couple of internal changes):

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_pivotpi | bash

But that’s not implemented yet and hence, use the first command I gave you.

After this you’ll be able to use the PivotPi by doing import pivotpi in Python.

Thank you!


Hey thanks for the quick reply, the first link using sudo bash doesnt even download please fix this for future users. But take out sudo and just use bash works just fine, still have yet to test out the motors but it has properly installed now i believe. Thank you, One more question still you have yet to answer is that the LED for “Power” on the PivotPi board doesnt light up at all. Is this an issue?


When coding the program i’m now receiving an error message that there’s “No Module Named PivotPi”. Now I did not pay close to $100 for your install/config file to not work or have very unclear instructions on what to do. Please fix this for me as i’m not very happy with the product as of now.


Hi Nexus,

If you aren’t running this on raspbian, what are you running it on?


Raspbian, when did i say i wasn’t running my Pi on raspbian. I did mention i was running Raspbian for Robots because i wanted to stay away from that.


Hi @nexuscustoms15,

  1. First can you show us what script you’re running that fails when it’s being run?

  2. Second, how did you connect the PivotPi to the RaspberryPi? Through the Grove port or did you just stack it on top of it?

  3. Make sure you don’t have the foam board still attached to your PivotPi - that will mess things up.

  4. What do you get by typing in i2cdetect -y 1 on your console?

  5. Might be a great idea to show us the output you get when you run the curl .. | bash command - this might give us an insight if there’s something wrong with it. Please format it with triple grave accents (`).

Now, we can help you, but you also need to help us understand what your exact problem is (generally speaking), and for this matter, the more information you give us, the better. And we’re sorry if we’ve made you feel not happy with the product.

Also, I’ve just installed the PivotPi on a fresh Raspbian and it worked perfectly for me.

Thank you!