Pivotpi installation for dexteros

Hi I’m trying to use the pivotpi with my dexteros robot, but I’m having trouble initializing the pivotpi.

How do I install the pivotpi libraries onto dexteros since it doesn’t have internet access. The install instructions mention the need for internet access.


Hi @malkite1,

I’m sorry, but we don’t support the PivotPi on DexterOS. You might want to go the other way and install Raspbian For Robots instead and in order to interface with the PivotPi.

Either way, this could be a good idea for us to integrate the PivotPi into the DexterOS ecosystem.

Thank you!

Out of curiosity - how difficult would this be? Is there a compiled driver?

If I git cloned the project on a linux machine, moved it via a usb stick to the dexterOS machine and then from the command line ran the setup.py in the python directory would that be enough or is there something more needed?

Hi @shinjitsu,

Looked into the source code for DexterOS and it seems like you’d be able to do that with jupyter user. So:

  1. Copy zip file of PivotPi repo and extract it in the home directory of jupyter on DexterOS.

  2. Install PivotPi python package directly with python setup.py install command. No sudos required for it.

  3. Connect the PivotPi to an I2C port of the GoPiGo3/GoPiGo and check it with i2cdetect -y 1. Or just try to run a script or something.

If you’re going to do that, can you let us now if it worked for you?

Thank you!