PivotPi not connected

I am trying to program my PivotPi in python on my Raspberry Pi Zero W but it keeps having an error and saying that my PivotPi is not connected. I have been looking around at the internet for a fix but I have not found any that works. My OS is NOOBS if that matters, any advice would be appreciated.

Advice from PivotPi page: https://www.dexterindustries.com/product/pivotpi-base-kit-servo-controller-for-raspberry-pi/

you’ll need Raspbian for Robots, which you have to download and install yourself)

And if something is still amiss, there was someone that used Pivot Pi with RPi Zero W and had to solve a problem: see PivotPi on RPi Zero W - Outdated Platform.py Problem

Thank you. I downloaded Raspian for Robots and it still gives me the same error, I will try the other link you posted.

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