Please help! GoPiGo Connection issue

Hi, I just got my GoPiGo setup, and it seems to be working fine. However, everytime I connect to it, the connection only lasts 15 seconds or so. For example i will start it up and drive it for a couple seconds and it suddenly just disconnects. Please help!

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Edit: I am using DextorOS

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Possibly, weak batteries? What language are you programming in?

Set the bot upside down and Watch to see if the green light by the power switch turns yellow or red when you command it to drive.

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The light stays green. For now I am just using bloxter

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@smallleucosmtn, You should ask for help at or email

Be sure to tell them you are using DexterOS and Bloxter and a little about yourself.

I do remember once, some folks had issues if the motor encoder sensors were too far from the magnetic disk. Perhaps check the spacing, close but not touching - perhaps two pieces of paper spacing. The sensors and magnetic disk are quite fragile, so be very gentle if the spacing looks too big.

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Ok thank you, will do

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You’re doing this wirelessly, right?
What kind of signal strength do you see at the computer end?

What O/S and what browser? Are they up to date?

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