Plugging in the Pi while the battery power is on?

Say if I were to turn on the GoPiGo and Pi via battery power to start having some fun then decide that I want to switch from battery power to being plugged in because I need to take time to troubleshoot something and don’t want to waste the battery power, is it ok to just plug in the Pi then turn off the battery power? I am afraid this would temporarily give to much power to the Pi and or GoPiGo and risk damaging something. Whats the verdict here?


No idea how I missed this one, I’m sorry!

In general, bumping with the power supply like this could cause problems. I don’t recommend it. A few things could happen that could harm the Raspberry Pi (least of which is a reset).

That being said, I personally do this all the time and haven’t seen a problem; I haven’t damaged either the GoPiGo or the Pi yet.

In short, I wouldn’t do it. But it’s probably ok to do it.