Popping Batteries

I just got my GoPiGo in the mail today. I’m Using a Raspberry Pi 2. I am currently using 8x Duracell Duralock AA batteries. I am having the strangest problem though. I have popped 3 batteries so far.

The first 2 popped while I was removing the leads to one of the motors. I had been troubleshooting an issue where one motor moves slower than the other in test mode or otherwise (Hopefully i can discuss this in another topic, dependant on the outcome of this one). I halted the system but neglected to turn off the power switch or disconnect the battery lead. I removed the popped batteries. cleaned up the mess. I found no damage to the gopigo or its components. I tested the pi and the gopigo independantly, the gopigo armed with a new pack of batteries.

It worked well for another hour or so. I got to a point piloting remotely through the browser, where I couldn’t get up and over a patch of carpet. I backed up and tried it a few times from different angles. After a few tries i heard a loud pop from the other room but the pi kept functioning. I went to investigate and found another popped battery.

Am I using a bad batch of batteries? Is there a bigger underlying problem? Has anyone heard of this before? Are Amazon Basics rechargeable more reliable?

Hey Aaronleigh, thanks for bringing this up. I’ve seen this once before a few months ago when working with someone on the GoPiGo. I don’t know if it has something to do with the batteries or what; the Pi can draw quite a bit of current. I’ve been using Amazon Basics for the past two years, and haven’t had the popping battery problem.

Thank you. I have ordered some new batteries. Since my last post I took it apart. Realigned a few things and swapped my motors around. My slow left wheel issue has gone away. I have made a few more expeditions into the kitchen over carpeted terrain without issue. It trucks along with a single 9V fairly well if not a bit slower. The fresh pack of AA seems to be working as well. I hope it was a fluke but am already looking into modifying the wheels to give a bit more traction on carpet. I have had real trouble turning. Maybe this will lessen the stress on the motors, thus reducing power issues. It could also make matters worse. Further research is needed.