Port number


i bought a grove pi board but i dont understand how to adress a port on ardupi or python

i have a dht sensor on A1, a PIR sensor on A2 and a grove serial camera on I2 C one.

i see example which are named by 1, 2, 3…

is there a link like A1 > port 1 by the left to the right?


The DHT sensor is a digital sensor, not an analog sensor. It should be connected to Digital Port 4 (D4). You should do the firmware upgrade to get the DHT sensor working.

The PIR sensor is alos a digital sensor, not an analog sensor. It can be connected to any of the Digital Ports (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7 or D8) but if you want to use it simultaniously with the DHT sensor, you can’t connected it to D4.

The Grove Serial Camera uses (at it says in its naming) serial communication (RS485 or RS 232) so you’ll need to connect it to a serial communication device (or the serial port of the Grove Pi

Thanks johan for answering the question. You are completely right.

There is just one thing that I wanted to add, for the Serial camera, it would be better to use RPISER port rather than the Serial since Raspberry Pi would be able to handle the stream from the camera much better.

One thing worth mentioning.
Most of the Grove sensors use 3 of the 4 wires.

If you are using a sensor that uses all 4x, you can’t use the adjacent port.

This is because adjacent ports share a pin.
Socket D4 uses Arduino pins 4 and 5
Socket D5 uses Arduino pins 5 and 6
Socket D6 uses Arduino pins 6 and 7

So, if you plug a 4 wire sensor in D4, Arduino pin 5 is in use. Plugging something into D5 will mess with the data.

You can tell if your sensor uses 3 or 4 wires by checking out the pin labels on the PCB. If the 2nd pin is labelled NC, it stands for Not Connected and you have a 3 wire sensor. eg. SIG,NC,VCC,GND

If you have a sensor with pins labelled as SCL,SDA,VCC,GND - it’s a 4 wire I2C sensor.
SCL for Clock, SDA for Data, VCC for voltage and GND is ground.