Possibly restarting?

Things have eased off a bit now that the girls have left to get ready for school and the oppressive depression seems to be lifting. (knock wood!)

Having received permission to move the Flight Simulator system into a different room, I am ready to clear up Charlie’s workspace again.

On a different, but related, topic; Svetlana had hip replacement surgery about a week ago, and she needs lots of help, though she’s becoming more and more independent every day.

Because Charlie’s workspace is in the same room as the place where Svetlana is, (I had to raise the sofa-bed we have to a 60 cm hight so she can get onto it since she’s not allowed to climb stairs to the bedroom), I can work with the robot while keeping an eye on her.

I still have Charline to build, and experiments with the GigggleBot to complete, so this might be a golden opportunity to get back into the robot business again.

We will see what happens.


Great to hear.

Also great to hear!

Hat trick! - Look forward to hearing your progress. I’m still deep into other projects, but know at some point I’ll get back to my robots. In the meantime I look forward to seeing what others are doing.



It’s been a tough road, but I am hoping to get Charlie out of his box and get him moving again.

I have a bunch of things I’ve been wanting to do, revamping the GoPiGo O/S control panel among them, and I am hoping that I will be able to get back to it.