Post assembly instructions

Hello, I’m helping set up the gopigo for my girlfriend. I bought it for her to get her interested in programming. When it is assembled, are the wheels supposed to be able to turn when you immediately turn it on?

How do I boot up the gopigo or connect it to my mac? I read but did not understand the terminal instructions

The GoPiGo does not immediately start working. You have to run python scripts before the GoPiGo can move around.

The first step is to connect the GoPiGo to the Wifi. For this the easiest option would be to set up the WiFi by connecting the Raspberry Pi to a monitor and Keyboard. Then use the “Option 3: COnnect to WiFi” here and use “with the GUI”.

Once you are connected to the WiFi, you can simply log on to the GoPiGo nad start using it.


Sorry, its still not clear to me. So I need to

  1. Connect a monitor to the raspberry pi via HDMI and 2) Connect a usb keyboard and mouse to the raspberry pi.
  2. Turn it on and configure with the gui and set up the wifi

Is this correct?

Yeah you are right. The easiest and most straightforward to set the GoPiGo up. There are other ways to configure it but this would be the easiest.

Let us know if this works.