Power Requirements Arduberry + shields

I am in the planning stages of building a robot based on the RPi + Arduino. The Arduberry seems like a good bridge device for the project; however, I cannot find any information on your website regarding the Arduberry’s power requirements. Without that information plus an understanding of the power requirements of any shields that may be added to the robot I cannot plan to meet the power requirements of the robot.

Can you provide any information on the Arduberry + shield power needs.

Thank you for any information you may provide.

Hey RPihacker. The Arduberry itself will use less than 1 mA (very similar to an Arduino, but it doesn’t use an FTDI/USB chip so it doesn’t need to support that load).

The shields are a lot hard to figure out, only because it will depend on each shield you choose to use (there are hundreds!). You can find that additional information through whoever is supplying the shields you plan to use.

The Arduberry is an excellent choice for connecting the Raspberry Pi and Arduino shields! Good luck and please let us know what you build!