Precise temperature and humidity sensor for the GrovePi

Hi, I’m interested in upgrading the temperature and humidity sensor from teh GrovePi starter kit to something more accurate. Was considering the Pro version, but then saw the “Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor” listed in the Shop area.

Does any one have info on accuracy for this sensor? I don’t see it listed on the official Grove Sensor list ( . A google search found a discontinued model on Seeed Studio’s site. I’m looking for an accurate temperature sensor, curious what the accuracy is for this sensor or if I should just stick to the Pro sensor instead.


Hi @neuralbaby,

Our new Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor is built with the BME280 chip.
This chip’s datasheet can be found here:

The old Grove DHT Pro sensor is codenamed DHT11.
This sensor’s datasheet can be found here:

By comparing them both you’ll see the following differences:

  1. Our new sensor is typically 4 times more accurate.

  2. Our new sensor can measure temperatures between 0-65 Celsius Degrees compared to the old one (the Grove DHT Pro) where it could only measure temperatures between 0-50 Celsius Degrees.

  3. Our new sensor is using the proprietary I2C protocol, which is way more reliable than the DHT's protocol.


Our new sensor is more precise than the old one.


I didn’t understand your post initially, so I’ve edited it now. I’m tagging you again if you happened to see my post before this edit: @neuralbaby

Thank you!