Pro Git, Volume 2

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Though this isn’t about robotics, per. se., it is directly applicable to just about everything you do on a computer, especially programming.

Fair warning:  This book is not a trivial read.

It’s not “chewy”, (in the way War and Peace is chewy), or insanely technical, (like Understanding the Linux Kernel ), but it isn’t a casual afternoon read either.

What the book does is walk you through Git starting at the very beginning, and guides you to a very clear understanding of what Git is, what it does, how it does it, and how to make Git do what you want it to do.

I classify it as a "must read ".

It is available as a free digital download in a number of formats, (under a Creative Commons license), or in hard-copy form from Amazon.

It will really open your eyes about what Git can do.  (I am reading chapter three, and I’m running out of jaw-bandages.)

Go get it.

It’s available at


posting worthless drivel to a public category), in order to maintain [regular] status.

Pretty heady drivel there guy!

I tried reading it a while back, and just couldn’t keep it all straight. Definitely TMI4me. I developed a small set of “recipes” to use a little bit of Git without understanding anything.


Maybe you need to take smaller bites?

When I run into something like that, I try smaller chunks.  Eventually I either discover the “optimum chunk size” or I discover that I get a raging headache no matter the size and I set it aside to try again later.

Some things never happen and others take longer than expected, but that’s OK no matter what happens.

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