Problem in dIMU on BrickPi

i ran c test example of dIMU on BrickPi.
but there was no reading.

Hey tangyeqiu, can you try the python example for dIMU out? How does that respond?

the dIMU example of python is for sensor 5, but i have no sensor 5 on my brickpi. i have only 4 sensor connectors.
could you plz test your dIMU on brickpi sensor 1 connector in C and see if it works?
thank you very much!

i found the python example of dIMU and tested it.
the reading is same as that in C

I think I’ve got to take a more in-depth look at that sensor. That was written to run off Port 5, and as you point out, there’s no more Port 5! I will try to update that this week.

i found the python example for every sensor port but the reading is same as what in c example.
i have two dIMU and one of them has no reading, another one’s reading is incorrect.
i dont think it is hardware problem.
plz check the source code.
and plz give me a c example. thank you!