Problem using Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Hi, I am now using Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Intel Edison. And I use python to programming.
From the sample code, I found I should code as

from grovepi import *
dht_sensor_port = 7 # Connect the DHt sensor to port 7
while True:
[ temp,hum ] = dht(dht_sensor_port,1)

But the intel edison tells me “AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘dht’”. I have install the library on my Inter Edison by "pip install grovepi"
I also tried to import grovepi, and use help(grovepi) to get the methods in the library, but it seems that the library only has one method “initialize()”. Could any tell me how can I get temperature and humidity data by Temperature and Humidity on Inter Edison using python?

Appreciate for the help!

Hey Yan, we don’t support the Intel Edison unfortunately. I’m assuming you’re working with the Seeed Grove board for the Intel Edision, is that right? If so, you should probably contact them for support, we really don’t know much about the Edison board.