Problem with GrovePi Temp and humidity sensor dhc1000

Hello everyone, I’m new to this cool community of raspberry pi and grove pi experts. Also I’m new to python i would like to ask about an issue that I am having with this temp and hum sensor.
I connected this DHC 1000 temp and humidity sensor from grovepi i plugged in into the port D4 in the grovepi ran the python program that i used from dexterindustries example Home weather station and displays temp = nan and humidity 0.0% please help.
Sorry for the bad english.

The HDC1000 sensor is pretty new and we don’t have compatible code for it right now. It is on the list of things to test but we have no ETA on it yet. The temp sensor example right now supports these 2 sensors: and


That is too bad, there another way i can make this work with another language. Sorry I’m pretty new with all this.

Hey sergiOO7,
This sensor is on my stack of things to get working with the GrovePi, but no ETA on this yet. Maybe you can try getting it to work on I2C which might be a bit challenging or check back in a week or so here for any updates that we would have.


I have the same problem as the OP but my sensor is the DHT11 (blue). I connected it to D2 and D3 (to test each one) and I am getting readings as nan and 0.0% respectively for temp and humidity. The next line I am getting the Except executed with an “Error”. I am using a GrovePi+ on a RPi 2

Hi reunny,
Can you run this example and check the firmware version: . Also, are you using this example: with the correct pin and by changing from grovepi.dht(sensor,1) to grovepi.dht(sensor,0).

Do let us know how this goes.