Problem with Humidity and Temp Sensor (C# Win 10 IOT)

i have connected temperature and humidity sensor to D4 and when i am running my app (C# for windows 10 IoT), i see only one function implemented,TempHumiditySensor = DeviceFactory.Build.TemperatureAndHumiditySensor(Pin.DigitalPin4, GrovePi.Sensors.Model.OnePointOne);
double dTemp = TempHumiditySensor.TemperatureInCelcius();
that is temperature in Celsius and it returns 214.55, 213.10 like this , how to get correct values for temperature and humidity? when i need to send any commands to the sensor? Please help me to understand how to use the sensor and read values.

there was an issue with the TemperatureAndHumiditySensor class, it has been fixed by user maxpg, it will probably make it to the framework soon.

Fantastic. Thanks!