Problem with the Chainable RGB LED

I have bought a Chainable RGB LED and using this sample to implement the environment monitoring system.

The LED will be turn on when the DHT22 begin to read data.
The LED will be turn off when it finished.

After one day or two days, the LED light will be always on.
Can someone help me to solve this issue ? Thanks.


Hi @jason.auo,

We haven’t seen a problem like this before. Can you tell us if running this program alone without DHT22 works well with you. If this code works well, then can you paste the code where you use both DHT22 and Chainable RGB Led, so that we can try it out from our end.


Hi Jason,

I have been struggling with the chainable LEDs for more than a year now.
I had exactly the same problems and reported it.

Recently Karan made a new library where the LEDs are no longer connected to a digital port but to the RPISER port.
I am using it now for more than a month without any errors.
You can find it under the 'direct_ser_lib’
It was a clear solution for me as it functions perfectly now.
He recently added the possibility to set the colour of one led with a command called ‘.setOneLED(e,g,b,lednum)’.
I do not know if it is also already implemented in the github library as he added this specially on my request.

Kind regards,

Can you try out this example for the Grove RGB led and see if it works for you.

Hi, clucker & karan,

Thanks for your help. I will try it.