Problem with using GoPiGo2 and GoPiGo3 together in summer camps

I used GoPiGo2 for summer camps for high school students in the past year, and then purchased GoPiGo3 because GoPiGo2 was old model. But the problem is I cannot use the program that works on GoPiGo2 with GoPiGo3. Some students use GoPiGo2 and some other use GoPiGo3. Is there any way that I can make the same program work on both GoPiGo2 and GoPiGo3? Will software upgrade of GoPiGo3 make it possible?
I need help asap.

Hello @salusvita

Are you using Python?

From a software point of view, the GoPiGo3 is object-oriented while the GoPiGo2 was not.
However, the GoPiGo2 now has which is almost a clone of

If you have your campers use those two drivers they will end up with almost identical code, which will be object oriented.

I hope this helps,