Problems getting connected to the computer

We received the GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit as a Christmas present, and it looks great and lots of fun. But after putting all of the pieces together, we had not been able to get it connected to the computer. The Beginner Starter Kit does not come with a wifi dongle, and it is not even suggested on the ordering page. However, ALL of the instructions that we can find require the use of the wifi dongle. We have found places that say the robot can be hooked up to the computer without the wifi dongle, but no well-written instructions (preferably with pictures) on how to do it. We plugged the ethernet cable into the computer and the robot. But don’t really know what to do from there. I do not mind purchasing the wifi dongle, but by the time it could arrive we will be starting back into school.

Also, reading through the forums, we decided that perhaps the SD card had become corrupted and have used etcher to reimage the card with Rasbpian. After reading more, it looks like we should have tried Dexter OS, as Rasbpian is for more advanced users? At a command prompt, we can now ping dex.local, so at least we have some kind of connection. But what can we do and how???

Hello @echerrman

Let’s see if we can help you get connected. The Beginner starter Kit comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 which is wifi enabled already, hence no need for a wifi dongle.
On the SD card there should have been DexterOS pre-installed for you. I see you’ve now installed Raspbian. It’s really up to you if you want Raspbian or DexterOS. DexterOS is easier to get started with so the decision depends mostly on your background.

If you want to go back to DexterOS, here are the instructions on re-installing it on the SD card

And here are the step-by-step instructions on getting connected with DexterOS

And if you want to stay with Raspbian for Robots, here are the instructions

Note that Bloxter is not available on Raspbian for Robots.

Hopefully these links will help you get connected quickly!


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Hey @echerrman agreeing with @cleoqc here. I think your best bet is to:

  1. Put DexterOS back on your SD Card.
  2. Connect to DexterOS using these instructions.

I would definitely stick with DexterOS on this, Raspbian for Robots will be more difficult to setup.