Problems with my GrovePi was due to firmware

Just an FYI if anyone is having trouble with their GrovePi+ giving incorrect information from sensors, check the firmware.

I was trying to use the ultrasonic sensor and getting all sorts of incorrect values. I was also experiencing delays and, oddly, the curosr was resetting to the bottom right corner.

Checking the firmware of the GrovePi+ returned “firmware version 156.46.28”

The real firmware was supposed to be 1.4.0.

To check the firmware: GrovePi/Software/Python/

to update the firmware

After updating all of my data from the ultrasonic ranger sensor is working properly.


Interested in how much reading to reading variation you are seeing?
How accurate?
How long does a single measurement take?

I saw someone mention overheating of the US sensor. Yours is doing ok?

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It seems very accurate. I have set the sleep time to 0.5 instead of 0.1.

I believe, as mentioned on my twitter conversation that the non-grove sensors had the overheating problem. The grove ultrasonic ranger is designed to alleviate that issue.

Only problem I have had is if the rPi goes to sleep while a program for the sensor is running, the sensor does not wake up when the rPi does. As the intended use will have audio playing throughout, I doubt if it will fall asleep.