Product Enhancement Request: Acrylic "proto-board" for the GoPiGo

Enhancement Request:
Can there be made available some kind of top acrylic panel for the GoPiGo that has a multitude of holes for attaching things?

The GoPiGo is such an interesting robotics platform that can - with enough imagination - do everything but cook breakfast and wash up afterwards.

Correct that. With ENOUGH imagination, I’m sure it could do those things too. :wink:

There are several things I’d like to try involving the GoPiGo, additional sensors, attached displays, a remote keyboard or two - the list goes on.

Unfortunately, I do not, (yet!), have the machine-shop capabilities to drill clean holes in acrylic, or a 3D printer to make up the things I need. Not only that, it is likely that many people, (like myself), who are just getting started with robotics won’t have these capabilities (yet!) either.

Product Enhancement Request:
A replacement top-board with a multitude of holes that can be used with your sensor attachments, Lego blocks, user-developed devices, etc. etc. etc.

Thank you all very much for such an interesting and useful device.

Jim “JR”

There are plenty of holes already on the top canopy, and they are lego technic compatible.
The more holes we put in the more likely the acrylic will break. We prefer to err on the side of caution for this.

If you have access to Lego technic blocs, you can put long ones across the body and attach what you want to it.

And thank you for the kind words about our robot. We like it too, it’s amazing :slight_smile:

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I absolutely understand.

My idea wasn’t to replace the existing top plate, but to offer an alternative plate for those of us who don’t have access to, or don’t want to start buying, the Lego blocks.

Many people will be perfectly happy with the GoPiGo as is. However, the “University” version, along with idiots like myself, would probably benefit from having an alternative top plate available.

Jim “JR”

Actually, (IMHO), there are relatively few, only around the edges. This is understandable knowing the original design purpose for that plate. It’s just that I was thinking that alternatives are (mostly) a good idea.

Jim “JR”

I needed two holes to mount Carl’s body to the top plate. I was successful with a hand drill by drilling through cellophane tape.

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