Programming GoBox From a Raspberry Pi (Instead of a PC or Mac)

I completed the assembly process and I want to connect my GoBox to a raspberry and not to a windows or mac computer. How can I do it?
The GoBox is connected to the raspberry but how can I find its IP address?

Hey Matteo, so you want to use a raspberry pi instead of a computer? Is that right?

Note that the Pi, when using Raspbian for Robots, has a dynamic address of dex.local

We connected it to wifi with a little work-around. We connected the GoBox to the wifi router LAN port and then we looked at the IP address.
Then I installed avahi on my raspian and I can open in the page at dex.local in the browser

sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon

Ok, good to know you got this working. The Raspbian for Robots image alerady comes with avahi-daemon installed so it can talk to Bonjour. That’s great you were able to get it to work though.

Just so I understand correctly, you’re programming your GoPiGo with another Raspberry Pi, is that right? That’s really cool!