Proper folder/directory from which to run Python 3.4 programs

Which is the suggested directory/folder from which should RUN the Python 3.4 programs/scripts?
If I open my program/script with Python2.7 and run it from /pi directory it works, but if I open the same program/script with Python 3.4 form /pi directory I get an error message that the gopigo library can not be located and thus can not be ‘imported’.

Hi @BaEL
Python 3 support is new for GoPiGo. It may not be properly installed on your SD card. Have you run a DI Software Update in the last week or so?

At the very minimum, go to /home/pi/Desktop/GoPiGo/Setup and run
sudo python3 install

but I would suggest DI Software Update to get all the changes that were required for Python3



Greetings and thanks for your prompt response.

A few comments if I may

The SD card was send to me a few weeks ago by Dexter Industries

I followed your recommendations, but the issue persists

A workaround: I have temporarily ( or permanently?) copied the library into the same directory/folder as my python 3.4     scripts (works)


Thank you for letting me know where you now stand.

If you got your card from Dexter a few weeks ago, it didn’t have the Python3 support on it. It’s really quite new.

Did you get any error when you did

cd ~/Desktop/GoPiGo/Setup sudo python3 install

This should have worked so I’m wondering what went wrong.

Your workaround works fine indeed… You just have to remember that your copy of will not get updated next time you do a DI Software Update.



I have attached a pdf with some screen shots, showing the process to run ‘sudo python3 install’

I hope you find it helpful in identifying the problem.


Hello @BaEL
I am not seeing the PDFs here. Maybe they didn’t transfer. Feel free to email them to
I very much appreciate your willingness to help out!