PuTTY Connection Refused Windows 10

My Son has a GoPiGo robot kit for Christmas & I feel like the dad who cant put the bike together.
We have successfully installed the Raspbian For Robots SD card and can connect a HDMI monitor. There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the GoPiGo because we have been able to upgrade the Dexter industries software over the internet and can see the RPi desktop when directly connected.
BUT I cant get the PuTTY piece of the puzzle to work.
I am able to ping the raspberry Pi successfully, but when using Putty We get - Network Error Connection Refused
We have Windows 10 on a desktkop and I am trying to plug the ethernet cable from RPi into my modem/router.
I have tried turning off firewall and creating rules for connection but still no good.

Hey djjeclarke, I’m sorry to hear about the frustration!

It’s sounds like you’ve verified you’re on your local network: your Pi can successfully update and I assume if you ping google.com, the pi returns a value. Is that right?

Also, it sounds like you’re able to succesfully ping the pi. That’s great.

Are you trying to ssh in with the correct credentials? I’m assuming you have the latest 2015.11.x version of the SD Card. If that’s true you should be logging in as pi@dex.local and the password is robots1234.

If you have an earlier version, you should be logging in as pi@raspberrypi.local with the password being raspberry. Do either of these two logins help? If not, can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Putty and how you’re logging on, maybe I’m missing a step in there.

Thanks John,

I got some help from a mate who is a bit more tech savvy than I. I needed a static IP address that was within the range of my modem/router (or at least that seems to have done the trick). There was a great example on the web and a video for Mac’s here and a video for PC’s here. I just needed to pick an address in the upper range of my router and use a broadcast calculator to fill in the blanks.
PuTTY now works with the fixed ethernet address. I also found the robots1234 password on one of the other forums, so the lad is a happy chap now.

Feel free to let me know if I have done the wrong thing, but it seems to be working thus far

Now we just need a list of Pi commands so that we can open the README files and explore some of the example code that Dexter has provided.

Thanks again


Great example on the web for establishing a static IP address on the Raspberry Pi, a video for Mac’s here and a video for PC’s here.

If you’re having networking troubles, you can also use a tool “Fing” to find your Raspberry Pi on the network. We have a tutorial on how to do this here.