Pygame based Video Controller

Hi all,
I spent some time figuring out how to deal with the picamera in pygame and I ended up with a small footprint video controller for the GoPiGo. I’m currently using it through VNC with a 30FPS framerate and an acceptable latency. I also tried X forwarding but that wrecks the framerate. :slight_smile:

All dependencies should be pre-installed on your Raspberry, its is only 100 lines of code. I would be very happy to hear feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

Hope you like it! :smile:

-Frost (3.2 KB)

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing this @Frostlock. We would love to turn this into a project on Dexter Studios!

Glad you like it :slight_smile: Feel free to put it up there! Or is that something I can do myself?

You can do it yourself. Just go to You can create projects there. Could you please put the link to you project here if you make one?

@graykevinb thanks for the pointer! I had a look around and managed to start a draft project. I’ll put a link here later but it needs a bit more work first.

Update: I managed to finish the studios project. It is pending review. Hopefully a link will be available soon.
I’m also still waiting for a fix on my studios username. Apparently it does not sync properly (yet? :slight_smile: ) with the forums.


Small bump on this topic:
Studios project is still pending review. @JohnC could you and the team have a look? Thanks!
Fix on my studios username is also still an open item.


So sorry for the delay! This was our very first post to Studios and we had to figure out how to approve a project. I’m sorry this fell through the cracks!

I just approved the project and you can see it here. Thank you for your post, it’s fantastic!

Looks cool! Congratulations on being the first to post there!

Ah that is good news :slight_smile:
Thanks for the kind words!


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