Python 3 Support

I am just setting up the GrovePi+ board with some sensors on a RPi2 with Jessie. As Python 3 is strongly recommended for the board, I have tried to use the Grove libraries with Python 3, but without success. The simple blinking program does not work. I have fixed already missing parenthesis for print statements in one of the library files. But there are unfound libraries, one of them “smbus”. The location of my python file also does make a difference. I have already read some remarks here in the forum that other users are also struggling with Python 3, so is this a general problem?

If yes, what are the plans to update the library or are there some guidelines so that this can be done myself or the community?

In addition I strongly suggest to mention in a prominent position that so far only Python 2 is supported. Reading an article in MagPi No. 23 I was under the impression that Python 3 is working, but I just shared with you my experiences.

I am really happy with the functionality of the GrovePI kit and all those sensors available, but it should run under Python 3. I am teaching children programming Python, all tutorials nowadays are using Python 3 including those on the Raspberry Pi website and the Codeclub. It is distracting for teaching to need to explain the differences between Python 2 and 3 and the need to switch between the IDEs.

Hope you can understand my point. Is there maybe already any solution available for this problem?

With kind regards,