Question About Setting Up Rasberry Pi

I am confused as to the instructions regarding the Ethernet connection. I plugged the Ethernet cord into the raspberry pi with the other end connected to my router, and nothing lit up. Most instructions I read/watch says to connect the Ethernet cord to the raspberry pi and the other end plug into your PC, but I don’t see how that would do anything. Can anyone describe to me how exactly you are supposed to connect the raspberry pi to the Ethernet cord and start it up? The more details the better, you can assume I know nothing at all (and that’s not far off).

Hi @wolfenstein11x,

Can you give us a little more background? Which image are you using on your Pi, what computer are you using? When you power up the Pi, describe the two power lights on it: do they turn on? Solid the whole time? blink?

The biggest thing we’ve seen when we hear about this: the Ethernet cables aren’t pushed all the way in.

A successful boot-up with Pi will look like this.

If you are using Raspbian for robots image, you can refer to this page for setting up Ethernet connection between your Pi and your computer.

Please let us know if this helps,