Questions about ros-gopigo - nodes, urdf, and other

That GitHub repo seems to be indicated for ROS support so I was reading the code. I was not sure why the talks about the servo which as I understood is an optional device.

Another question is that the .launch file doesn’t launch the other nodes. Is the intention that we modify that launch file and add the other nodes or is there some other intention?

Another question is that there’s no urdf for the robot. Is that somewhere?


Disclaimer: I know nothing about ROS!

There is a urdf at:

and complete “how to put ROS+LIDAR on GoPiGo3” at:

You can also look at the Robots/gopigo3 page on the ROS wiki. Bernardo Japon, who wrote the Hands on ROS for Robotics Programming book maintains it. There’s a link there to a package that has a URDF.