Questions before buying GoPiGo?


We already bought your BrickPi and we love it. Now we consider buying the GoPiGo3 for my daughter – but first I have some questions that I need to clarify.

Is it correct that GoPiGo comes with DexterOS installed if I buy the beginner starter kit? And that means that we need to connect to the WifI to be able to code the robot? For me it sounds a bit stupid not to have Internet on the computer that we use.

Is it possible to install Raspbian for Robots instead? If yes what options do we have? Python, Bloxter (which we would like to start with)

Please help me before buying :slight_smile:

You can certainly use Raspbian For Robots with the GoPiGo3. However, Bloxter is only available on DexterOS.

Python is the primary language supported, with Bloxter (in DexterOS) and Scratch (in Raspbian For Robots) built on the Python implementation. Additionally we provide C++ drivers. There are other drivers as well, most of them contributed by the community, although some of them aren’t mature yet. You can access the software support available in Raspbian For Robots here.