Raspberry 5 unboxing

I have also unboxed the Raspberry Pi-5 (8gig) that I have and want to install on Charline.  (I really need to find a way to swap Raspberry Pi boards without disassembling the whole darn robot!)

This is the new Raspberry Pi-5.


And here it is compared to the Raspberry Pi-4


This is the “What the heck!??” screen if it fails to boot:


The big, obvious, differences are:

  1. The connectors on the right hand side are reversed with the network on the bottom instead of the top.

  2. The position of the processor and memory is different.

  3. There are two camera ports.

  4. It has a dedicated fan connector.

  5. There is no dedicated “display” connector.  Both of the camera connectors can also serve as display connectors.

  6. The connector that used to be the “display” connector is now a connector that breaks out access to one of the processor’s PCIE busses.  This is good for people who are chafing at the bit for higher I/O speeds.

  7. There are extra connections:

    • A fan connector.
    • A battery connector that also has associated solder pads.
    • A “UART”/“Single wire” serial interface.
    • There is, allegedly, a test/programming connector that smells an awful lot like a JTAG-type connector, but I haven’t found it yet.
  8. The two LEDs have been replaced by a single
    multi-color LED and a “power” pushbutton, which is similar to the button on the GoPiGo.

And, the piece de resistance: it needs a whole new operating system, just like the Pi-4 did.

Next Steps:

  1. Try to make it compatible with the GoPiGo.
  2. Try to rebuild a “GoPiGo OS” on top of it.
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